Our 60 minute group fitness class combines a variety of functional movements into a high-intensity training session suitable for all fitness levels. Classes are a blend of resistance training and cardiovascular activity. Every class will challenge participants at their level of capability. We keep you moving forward safely at a level appropriate for you.

Every class is run by a Certified Personal Trainer and includes resistance training, agility training, strength, mobility and fat-burning activity. Really anything goes!

With challenge-based activities and great camaraderie between participants, these classes are the perfect answer to your fitness goals.

At Spark Fitness, our trainers have a wide range of knowledge. Each trainer has a deep understanding of different aspects of fitness, and can safely assess your movement and design a custom program enabling you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. 


We understand that nutrition can be complicated and it's hard to know where to start. At Spark we make things more simple, we help you make small changes overtime and build better habits that will support lasting change.